Website Design, Development, and Maintenance

My current rates are

Site maintenance is $50 / hour.

There is no cost or obligation for a consultation to discuss your needs. Then I will prepare a proposal for your website, with a cost estimate. You may then decide if you wish to hire my services.

Web Hosting and a Domain Name

I recommend that you buy your domain name at a good domain registrar and your web hosting at a good web host. These are different products, and no company excels at both. Sometimes a web host will give you a domain name as part of the hosting plan, but be careful with those offers. If you want to move to a different host, having the two tied together makes it more difficult. (Think of a three-legged race.) And some unethical web hosts have used the domain name as leverage to keep customers from moving. If you have your domain name and web hosting at one company and want to move, transfer the domain name first. Once it is safely at another company, move the hosting.

Domain names currently cost $11-$12 / year. I haved used Namecheap since 2005 and think highly of them. I recommend them without reservation.

Web hosting for a small website will cost $3 / month and up. Prices in the $7-$11 / month range are common. When comparing prices, be sure to compare regular prices. Don’t put too much weight on the introductory prices given to new customers; those are only good for your first hosting term. This site is hosted at, and I have been happy with their service. This link will give me a referral credit for your purchase. Their basic plan is ample for most small business sites.