Littlefolks Gospel Productions, Inc.

Littlefolks Gospel Productions, Inc.

I began working with this site June 2012. It was started in 2003 with a good design, but several people had worked with it since then, and the underlying code was a mess. Several design errors had been made when new content was added, and the site used practices which are not good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I rewrote the underlying code, corrected all design problems, and made many SEO improvements. I also corrected various problems in the store section and resized the many oversized pictures, improving page load times.

Littlefolks Gospel Productions, Inc. Kids Korner

Since the original reworking of the site, I have added Facebook and Twitter links, and have set up an account with an email service, putting a small form on the site for people to request the email newsletter. When the site owner prepares a printed newsletter, I convert it to an HTML email to be sent to those who have signed up. I continue to help maintain the site.

The pages use a fixed-width layout sized to fit a 1024 x 768 display and centered on larger displays. I kept the basic original design at the request of the owner. I have put a white background behind the content, instead of the subdued blue page backgound. Recently I changed the design of the Kids’ Korner pages to a brighter, more kid-friendly design.